Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Customer Featured in Local Media

MarineDepot.com customers Marvin and Belinda Wade were recently featured in their local community magazine, Midlothian Now, showing off their beautiful custom-built home.

Of course, what custom-built home would be complete without a custom-built aquarium? According to the article, the Wades' family room was re-dubbed the "viewing room" after they replaced their 150-gallon tank with a 760-gallon monster.

The new tank, designed and built in Canada, is 12-feet long, 35-inches wide (from front to back) and 34-inches tall. The cabinet, housing the work of living art is designed for easy-access to the mechanical workings below and above the tank, while the room directly behind the tank makes feeding, maintenance and general operation possible. “The back room is like a biology lab with a scientific feel to it,” Marvin said. “Magic happens in the back room."
To read the article in its entirety, please click here. There's a lot more info on their tank and their beautiful abode, so we encourage you to check it out when you have some time.