Thursday, August 14, 2008

New Additions: Pre-Order Functionality, ELOS MINI Aquarium

If you hadn't already noticed the handsome new buttons on our website, we recently incorporated pre-order functionality to allow shoppers the ability to reserve high-demand merchandise before it is released to the public. This guarantees prompt delivery upon release and also assures that you'll have that new, hard-to-find item everybody advertises but nobody seems to have in stock.

While we're on the subject of pre-orders, this seems like an appropriate time to tease you with some photos we shot when ELOS' new 20-gallon MINI Aquarium System arrived to our warehouse (now available for pre-order!).

In case you've been living under a (live) rock, the ELOS MINI is a much-sought after aquarium system designed and manufactured by those geniuses at ELOS in Italy. The tank, once assembled, is truly a work of art, with a crystal-clear front pane held in place by a specially blended adhesive. There's a cool little etching of the ELOS logo on the front pane.

One standout feature of
the ELOS MINI is the included LED e-lite light fixture. Anodized in aluminum and emblazoned with "e-lite" on the top, the fixture brings an additional touch of class to an already classy setup. The 18 individually reflected, 3-watt (80 lumen per watt) LEDs are strong enough to sustain some of our favorite corals, yet the light itself is so small, it's almost complimentary due to the aforementioned good looks. Best of all, it does not obstruct viewing, suck up a ton of energy or stick out like a sore thumb.

The ELOS MINI also includes a built in protein skimmer, pump, sump, overflow, top-off reservoir, stand/cabinet and all the plumbing required to get it up & running.

We have several more pictures on our website with the tank, stand and accessories assembled. Click here to check 'em out.