Monday, August 18, 2008

New this Week: Red Sea C-Skim 1200 Protein Skimmer

Launched at Interzoo 2008, the C-Skim 1200 Protein Skimmer was developed with the advanced aquarist in mind and features several new and patented features.

First, the user interface is all on one side. Coupled with its compact size, the
C-Skim 1200 is easy to use, easy to setup, and, unlike other skimmers in its class, easy to place, thanks to its small footprint.

The "neck washing system," is being touted as the standout feature of the C-Skim 1200. It permits the easy removal of accumulated protein without having to manually remove the collection cup. This not only makes th
e C-Skim more efficient, but also ensures ongoing maintenance is not too time consuming.

The patent-pending FoamView window built into the front of the collection cup provides a clear view of the foaming action inside the skimm
er neck and allows for easy and accurate adjustment to achieve the desired consistency of the foam.

Red Sea also invested a lot of R&D hours into fine-tuning the new skim chamber. A peripheral flow closed loop skim chamber provides improved water/air flow dynamics, with aquarium water being injected above the conical top of the skim chamber. This spreads the incoming water flow around the periphery of the skim chamber walls, preventing turbulent flows of water that can destabilize the foam production.

The recommended aquarium volume ratings for the C-Skim have been calculated according to the optimum turnover rate per aquarium type, as determined by laboratory tests by Red Sea. For more info, click on the icons to your right.

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