Friday, August 22, 2008

New to blogging, a little history about me

Well, this is officially my first-ever blog posting (is there a term for it???). Please forgive me as I really am new to this and hopefully don't ramble on too much. My name is Keith MacNeil and I have worked for Marine Depot in some shape or form for the last 5+ years. I have actually worked in the pet industry for the last 23 years from mom and pop stores, to big chain stores to my current stint with MD (which honestly has been the best one to date).

Anyway, I actually for the first time in probably 15+ years don't have a fish tank of some sort running. I ended up taking down my two reef tanks (220 and a 54 gallon) about 4-5 months ago for some personal reasons. BUT now I am ready to jump back in and get the 54 going again (the 220 has found a new home, so I am just taking a mini jump back into this with the hopes of upgrading in a few years).

Over the next few months, I am hoping to post about the resetting up of my tank and all of the problems and successes that come with it. I just have to get my camera working (actually my wife's camera, the cheap one I had broke) so I can post some pictures of the set up in progress and hopefully share some interesting stories and photos of the tank's progress.

My next entry I will include what I have (in terms of equipment), what I have done so far to get the tank ready and what some of my goals are for the tank.