Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Dolphins struggle to save one of their own

Video shows dolphins trying to save the life of a member of their pod by holding the dolphin up to the surface of the sea.

Scientists from the Cetacean Research Institute filmed the amazing sight while carrying out research in the Sea of Japan.

Doctor Park Kyum-Joon, researcher at the Cetacean Research Institute, says, "We observed the scene for an hour, the dolphins trying to return their fellow dolphin to the proper posture, trying to support it from the bottom so it wouldn't sink and to make it easier for it to breathe."

The scientists spotted about 20 dolphins separated from a big group of 400.

Doctor Park Kyum-Joon, researcher at the Cetacean Research Institute,saying, "It's the world's first observation of dolphins' trying to save their fellow dolphin from dying, and it's the world's first filming of a dolphin dying at sea in natural circumstances."

They noticed the wild dolphin was upside down and could not move its pectoral flipper, after an hour the weak dolphin did go under the water and disappeared.

SOURCE: Rush Radio