Monday, October 20, 2008

New this Week, 10/20/08

Tunze Nano RO Unit
Reverse osmosis is a natural and environmentally friendly process used to remove dissolved salts and impurities safely from the water by physical methods. TUNZE® Nano RO Station 8515 is a compact high-quality reverse osmosis unit employed for the easy production of pure water (RO water). It is especially suitable for small and medium sized marine and freshwater aquariums. It is very easy to operate and can be connected directly to a water tap using the accessories supplied by the manufacturer. The reverse osmosis unit consists of a Carbon Block filter and a thinfilm composite membrane.

Tunze RO Ion Exchanger
This additional filter can be fitted to the outgoing water
outlet of the RO Station as a water hardener or silicate filter. The tank contains two screw caps with plug-type connectors for the hose of the osmosis plant and two brackets for a direct attachment on the RO Station. In order to increase the calcium content of the out-going RO water, the mixed-bed ion exchanger granulate can be replaced by the calcium carbonate granulate. The out-going RO water takes up high quantities of calcium hydrogen carbonate. In the process, the hardness of the out-going RO water is increased, i.e. the carbonate hardness is increased.

Elos Conductivity Probe COND-probe
The conductivity cells are plastic bodied cells with two parallel graphite electrodes. These cells feature a wide measuring range and a low-maintenance, rugged design for universal application in online monitoring as well as in c
onnection with pocket and field instrumentation. Developed to be used in combination with the high precision Biotopus II controller, this model features accurate measurements, even under difficult conditions... as well as a long lifetime, excellent price to performance ratio and wide range of applications.

Precision Marine R24 Refugium w/ RL100 Protein Skimmer
Fabricated entirely of Made in the U.S.A. cast acrylic, Precision Marine's new R24 Refugium and RL100 Redline P
rotein Skimmer are all about performance and value. The refugium is 24" x 11.5" x 14" with interior dimensions of 6.5" x 11" and a 3.75" x 11" pump chamber. The drain size is 1" bulkhead and the RL100/125 protein skimmer chamber is 10.5" x 11". The skimmer uses 18W and includes a muffler. It is ozone compatible, includes a PM RLP1000 water pump and has a 100g capacity. The fabricator's attention to detail is apparent in each of these exquisitely crafted aquarium components.

Precision Marine SR35P Professional Series Reverse Flow Substrate Reactor
Precision Marine SR35P Professional Series Substrate Reactors are made of cell-cast acrylic tubing throughout
with a 1/2" thick, full-gauge machined black PVC base and 3/4" thick heav-duty lid. The flanges are PVC welded and a unique thermoformed base redirects water upward. You can use the SR35P with the substrate/filter media of your choice (activiated carbon, nitrate & phosphate removing media and de-ion resins). Includes custom die-cut sponges and a threaded, twist-off lid.

All Brightwell Aquatics Products
Brightwell Aquatics' goal is simply to provide the absolute highest quailty, scientifically-sound products and customer service of any aquarium water care manufacturer and to do it all in a straight-forward, honorable fashion. All Brightwell Aquatics products are
formulated by a published marine scientist who has been a passionate aquairum hobbyist for over 25 years. The goal in formulation is to utilize the highest purity ingredients in concentrations that provide the most use to the hobbyist. With very few exceptions, all raw materials are 99.9% pure.

Kent Marine Pro-Dechlorinator 8oz
A simple, one-step solution to safely neutralize tap water. In many areas, water departments treat water using chloramine. This is a more stable complex of chlorine and ammonia. If chloramine is present, Kent Marine Pro-Dechlorinator will break that bond and n
eutralize it, making the water safe for aquatic life. Can be used directly in freshwater and marine aquariums to neutralize chlorine, chloramines and heavy metals. Concentrated formula-5 mL treats 50 gallons of water. Safe for sensitive hard and soft corals, anemones, other invertebrates and freshwater and marine fish and plants. Does not contain a slime coat protector that can interfere with protein skimming.

Digital Aquatics RKM-PC4
IntellaStrip Technology- Our new PC4 is the most advanced power distribution unit in the industry with the ability to keep your system up and running even if you have a device failure. Manual Override Mode - Gives you t
he power to control all four outlets individually at the PC4 without having to navigate a complicated menu. Breaker/Switch - The 15 Amp breaker/switch eliminates the inconvenience of finding fuses and gives you the ability to quickly shut down power if needed. LED Status Indicators - Each channel has it`s own LED status indicator for convenient feed back on its current status. There is also an indicator that will inform you of the PC4s overall state.

JBJ 4 inch 200 Micron Filter Sock
Filter socks are the most convenient form of mechanical filtration. They remove excess food, detritus, organic waste, dust, and other particulates. Removing these
particulates from the water column will reduce the amount of organic matter that produces ammonia and other undesirable substances in the aquarium. Filter socks also help prevent larger objects, such as sand, crabs, snails, etc. from damaging pump motors. Regular filter sock use will lower organic levels and result in CRYSTAL CLEAR WATER!