Wednesday, October 29, 2008

New this Week, 10/27/08

Imagine Gold Bio System Power Filters
The Imagine Bio System Power Filter System works in three stages. Stage 1, Mechanical: Two layers of polyester filter floss filters out suspended particles. Stage 2, Chemical: Activated carbon removes many dissolved contaminants and discoloration form the water. The even distribution of carbon throughout the polyester floss filter makes the carbon highly effective. Stage 3, Biological: Biological filtration occurs mainly in the blue sponge. Aerobic bacteria develop on the surface of the sponge, removing contaminants like ammonia and nitrites.

Captive Purity Hi-Silicate Removal Thin Film Composite Replacement Membrane 60GPD
The new Hi-Silicate Removal Thin-Film Composite Replacement Membranes from Captive Purity are interchangeable and can be used in both Kent M
arine and SpectraPure reverse osmosis (RO) and reserve osmosis/deionization units.

Two Little Fishies NanoMag Magnetic Glass Cleaning Device
Two Little Fishies` NanoMag is an itsy-bitsy, lean, high-energy, window-cleaning apparatus. Its patent-pending design provides flexibility and a slender profile that slips safely between polyps and viewing windows. It’s got the umph needed for cleaning glass up to 3/8” thick. The NanoMag also glides across the curved surfaces of fish bowls,
wiping off algal films with ease, and it’s so much fun to use you just might have to take turns.

EcoTech VorTech Extra Battery Backup Cable