Monday, November 03, 2008

New this Week, 11/3/08

Current USA SunDial HQI Pendant 1x150W 10K HQI / 2x32W Dual SunPaq Actinics
The PowerPaq 10,000K HQI metal halide will make your corals thrive with stunning intensity and awesome color rendition. Packed with lumens, the 10,000K provides the natural shimmering effect found on coral reefs. Coupled with a highly efficient electronic driving system and SunPaq Dual Actinic lamps, the SunDial HQI produces more lumens per watt than any comparable lamp or fixture.

Current USA 36 Inch 39W T5HO 460nm Actinic SlimPaq Bulb
SlimPaq T5HO lamps feature remarkable color consistency and rendition. This consistency is essential for simulating the wavelengths of natural light found on living reefs. Our proprietary blend of Nichia Phosphors creates colors that replicate those found in the natural aquatic environments. Available in Daylight 10,000k & 6,7000k and Actinic Blue 460nm & 420nm wavelengths.

Aqua Medic Ocean Light 1 X 250 Watt 10000K HQI Lighting System
When you need the ultimate in flexibility for lighting very small or very large systems, Oceanlight Pendants offer amazing results in a powerful, compact package. Each pendant system is driven by external magnetic ballasts, housed in a quiet aluminum chassis that boasts silent convective heat dissipation. Joined to the fixture by a generous 114" cord, this external ballast format integrates nicely into almost every installation. By removing the ballasts from the light housing Oceanlight Pendants achieved a substantial hanging weight reduction and eliminated a large source of internal heat which translates to longer bulb life and simplified lifetime service. Oceanlight Pendants include an Oceanlight Pendant Hood, external Oceanballast M magnectic ballast, and bulb.

Current USA BettaCube w/ Black Frame Kit 1.25 Gallons
Simplistic in d
esign, these handcrafted glass aquariums are as stylish as they are practical. Keep your favorite Betta fish, bamboo plants or terrascape a miniature garden in these compact cubes. The open top design of the BettaCube allows for unique aquascaping with both aqautic and terrestrial plants. Available in two finishes, each BettaCube is accented with real wood trim - making them a perfect addition to your home or office. A lovely aquarium that makes a great gift too!

JBJ Digital Controller Upgrades (Chillers Sold Separately)
Digital Controller Upgrades For JBJ Nano-Arctica Chiller DBI-038 and DBI-050. Remove that old Analog Controller and swap it out with the new JBJ Digital Controlle
r! Easy to install, Easy to calibrate.