Friday, January 02, 2009

Top Selling Aquarium Products for December 2008

Joe's Juice Aiptasia Eliminator

Average Rating

The product zaps those glass anemones, the larger ones actually fell out of their spots on the live rock. Every once in a while a new one appears and I shoot it with the JJ - it is really a great product, I
would recommend it to everyone.


Maxi-Jet MP 1200 Powerhead

Average Rating

I did get a
maxi 1200 for my 46 bow front aquarium and I have to say I am really happy with the power it has and also the silent motion. All my little critters are very happy and enjoying the current it creates. I will definitely pass the word around of how good the equipment is.


Tom Aquatics Aqua Lifter Dosing Pump

Average Rating

Does exactly what it says it can do, and does it for a great price. Virtually silent once filled with water. I use mine with a DIY auto top off syst
em and I'm happy with the results.

by Joe B

AZ-NO3 Nitrate Eliminator

Average Rating

I dosed exactly as the instructions stated. On day 1 the nitrates in our 180 g
allon reef were 10.0 ppm. When tested on day 11, the nitrates had dropped to 0.2 ppm. We tested yesterday (day 17) and the nitrates were undetectable with a Salifert test.


Marine Depot Aquarium Refractometer

Average Rating

Very easy to use with good instructions. Set zero point with distilled water and screwdriver supplied. Tested reef aquarium and salinity was correct at 35 even
though a swing arm hydrometer indicated 31. Never will go back to hydrometer.