Monday, February 02, 2009

JBJ Introduces Quad PowerCompact Nano

JBJ introduced the popular nano cube to aquarium hobbyists a few years ago. Today they are releasing the latest in their line of nano tanks perfect for your home or office: the Quad PowerCompact model.

This new tank comes with a 105-watt power compact bulb to illuminate your tank and ensure your corals get the light they need for proper growth.

What else is included, you ask? At an unheard of price of $599.99, this unit comes complete with a wavemaker, two pumps AND a chiller.

The mini Arctica included in this package features the new digital controller that displays your current tank temperature. Chillers help maintain stable aquarium water temperatures and keep your fish and corals out of harm's way.

Don’t miss out on this deal! Pre-order yours now. It’s an excellent tank for beginners and advanced hobbyists alike.