Thursday, March 05, 2009

Under the Sea 3D now playing at IMAX theaters

Director Howard Hall spent over 100 days lugging a 1,300-pound IMAX 3-D camera around the South Seas to film this underwater doc, which offers up dazzling ocean creatures in calmly shifting scenes that could double as the world's most expensive screensaver.

Even Jim Carrey's narration is free of his usual antics; 
he mostly sounds like a science teacher reading a copy of National Geographic Kids to a 
 class of grade-schoolers.

But it's impossible not to be wowed by some of the images in Under the Sea 3D, 
the coolest of which — shimmering cuttlefish and ghostly, spaceship-like jellyfish — are a nice 
reminder that, even in the age of CG wizardry, the best special effects still come straight from Mother Nature.

SOURCE: Entertainment Weekly