Wednesday, April 01, 2009

New this Week

Flow Restrictors
Flow restrictors for 25, 35, 50, 60, and 75-100 GPD membranes—for replacement or when upgrading to a higher GPD membrane. Replacement cartridges are interchangeable with Captive Purity, Kent Marine and SpectraPure RO or RO/DI units.

Azoo Mignon Skimmer Hang On Back Power Filter
The Mignon Skimmer Filter combines surface skimming to remove floating debris and oils, protein skimming for extraction of dissolved organic waste and mechanical filtration to re
move large solid particles in the water. The perfect filter for an aquarium 20 gallons and smaller. Includes surface skimmer box, adjustable water and air intake, air-driven protein skimmer with collection cup and replaceable filter and charcoal box filter. Also features a new flexible impeller design. Dimensions: 7" tall x 5.75" wide x 4.50" deep.

Tunze Hydrofoamer Silence Pump 9410.040
This pump was developed for protein skimmer 9410, although it can also be used as a standard dispergator on any conventional skimmer of this size. Power supply: 230 V/50 Hz (115 V/60 Hz), cable 1.5 m (59 in.). Maximum air capacity: 600 l/h
(158 USgal./h) to 900 l/h (237.7 USgal./h) of water flow rate. Energy consumption: 12 W (16 W) at 600 l/h (158 USgal./h) air capacity, motor with protective thermostat. Pump outlet with ¾” GAS thread. Pump housing with strainer and silencer. Pump drive: Permanent magnet rotor with solid ceramic bearing and ceramic stop on the suction side, which prevents wearing action and noise. Supplied with bush, hose and clamps.

Current USA 150W 14000K HQI Pendant w/ Hanging Arm & Electronic Ballast
Pendant light features include 150W 14000K HQI Bulb, stylish pendant design that reduces heat load without noisy fans plus a fully adjustable arm for desired lighting performance and style.

Vertex Calcium Reactor, RX6 DUO Calcium Reactor
Designed for maximum capability, Vertex RX-Series Calcium Reactors feature an advanced recirculating chamber design, allowing for extremely proficient use of media and CO2. A large bubble counter makes for easy visibility and effortless adjustments. Fine tuning of flow/effluent is also straightforward with the high quality Vertex Needle Valve included with each reactor. Vertex RX-Series Calcium Reactors utilize the exclusive Gas Stable Use (GSU) concept to aggressively dissolve CO2, recycle unused CO2, and extract only reduced CO2 effluent. As a result, Vertex RX-Series Calcium Reactors are more efficient than other available designs.

Stable parameters are the key to a successful Reefscape. Calcium, being utilized by a myriad variety of oceanic life forms, including corals and crustaceans, is amongst the most important of these parameters. As the fifth most abundant ion found in natural saltwater, it is absolutely critical that Calcium is kept as a constant. One of the greatest apparatuses we have at our disposal to maintain this parameter is the Calcium Reactor. By dissolving Aragonite-based mediums down to their basic elements, Calcium Reactors allow for a continuous influx of calcium into the system. Vertex™ RX-Series Calcium Reactors now bring this potent tool home to you with all the features and qualities you need at values you can easily afford.

Vertex IN-280 Internal Pinwheel Protein Skimmer Up To 280 Gallons
Powerful motor pumps drive precision Needle Wheel Rotors to introd
uce large amounts of air and water into the skimmer body. This is done without compromising continuous delivery and velocity due to the turbulence reducing bubble plate chamber. The result is a consistent foam head and nutrient extraction. Removal of the collection cup has never been as effortless. Messy union locks and twist caps used by other competing products have been replaced by a Slip-Lock seal; minimalism simplifying your routine. Every Vertex™ IN-Series Skimmers is packaged ready-in-box for immediate use in your system.

Puratek 100GPD RO/DI System
Marine systems have proven to be one of the most fragile mini
ecosystems /Biotopes to maintain. Numerous variables need to be considered & maintained in a tight range to ensure success. As always, the key to solving such mysteries rely on separating effecting factors from the start. Having that in mind, successful keeping of marine animals should start with pure water free of contaminates. Puratek systems have been designed to achieve that, while reducing your system's impact on the environment by producing less waste water and lower energy consumption. Addition of a booster pump will reduce the waste water production by a great deal and also speeds the process of making water.

Two Little Fishies pH-Balance Marine Aquarium Buffer
The pH of seawater in the open ocean is stable, normally between 8.0 and 8.3due to the carbonate-bicarbonate
buffering system. In tide pools and aquariums the pH can vary more widely due to the influence of respiration and photosynthesis in the restricted bodies of water. In an aquarium with no illumination it is normal for the pH to drop temporarily due to respiration of CO2 in the absence of photosynthesis. When the lights come on photosynthesis makes the pH rise again. Long-term changes in water quality due to biological activity typically cause a decline in alkalinity and lower pH values. If the alkalinity is low, the pH may not reach the range of 8.1 - 8.4 during the day. Use pH-Balance Marine Aquarium Buffer to raise the alkalinity and pH to the desired levels and stabilize the water quality in marine and reef aquariums.

EHEIM Pro 3 External Filter w/ EHEIM Media
Powerful output, new design, very quiet and smooth while in operation, energy-efficient and ready-to-go, right out of the box. Features: integrated automatic self-priming for quick filling of the canister; top of canister pre-filter securely traps l
arger dirt particles, significantly increasing maintenance intervals of bio-media; individually fillable filter baskets complete with original EHEIM filter media.