Monday, December 20, 2010

New this Week, 12/20/10

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Coralife Lunar Aqualight T5 Lamp High Output Fixture
The new Lunar Aqualight T5 HO series from Coralife is available in 4 sizes: 24", 30" 36" and 48". Each unit includes 4 high output T5 lamps (2 x 10,000K and 2 x actinic) and directional LED moonlights, perfect for marine and reef aquarium systems. Each type of lighting--daylight, actinic and moon lights)--has its own power cord so you can really fine-tune your light schedule. The quick disconnect ballasts include quiet-running cooling fans. Each unit features a powder-coated aluminum housing, acrylic splash guards and adjustable mounting brackets. Prices range from $205.99 to $301.99 each and all models include free shipping.

The 1.5'’ Sea Swirl Model satisfies the need for an oscillating device for large aquariums to create a broad oscillating current, not linear current like many other wavemaking devices. Sea Swirls are economically priced energy efficient, too! The 1.5'’ model is designed for aquariums 180 gallons and up and offers the truly smallest footprint seen in the aquarium (only 2-1/4'’). The 1.5'’ Sea Swirl can be combined with low-wattage, high flow pumps like the ReeFlo Snapper, Dart, Barracuda and Hammerhead along with many of the Dolphin aquarium pumps aquarists use to return water to their tank. The manufacturer is so confident in this pump they offer a generous 2-year warranty. Available now for $399.99, shipping included.

Two Little Fishies NPX Screen for 150 or 550 PhosBan Reactor
The NPX Screen prevents NPX Biopellets or other biodegradable pelletized media from passing through the dispersion plates in the PhosBan Reator 150 or PhosBan Reactor 550. Get 2 screens for only $2.49.