Monday, February 21, 2011

New this Week, 2/21/11

AquaticLife ORP Probe
Durable plastic housing with multiple mounting configurations. Works
with monitors and controllers using BNC connections. Includes flexible 2.5 mm diameter 2 meter cord, BNC connector with protective pin jacket and probe storage solution. Box contents: laboratory-grade ORP probe, probe storage solution, probe holder plus installation & maintenance guide. $59.99

Two Little Fishies ReVive Concentrate - 500ml
A concentrated formula of the revolutionary product developed by Julian Sprung for cleansing live stony and soft corals, zoanthids, and anemones. For industrial use at stores, wholesale,
and aquaculture facilities. $27.99

JBJ NanoZapp 3 Watt Inline UV Sterilizer
JBJ claims their new UV sterilizer is the smallest inline ultra-violet sterilizer ever produced. This miniature version was specifically designed for eradicating harmful micro-organisms and unat
tractive green free- floating algae in fresh & saltwater aquariums less than 30 gallons. This revolutionary UV sterilizer/clarifier is completely submersible, which can be placed discreetly behind the filter walls of most nano aquariums without ever being seen. The NanoZapp utilizes a UV-C G3.5 bi-pin lamp that is encapsulated in an air-tight quartz sleeve that allows for a 99% transmission rate to efficiently neutralize disease causing pathogens. Simply connect to your existing pump and you are ready to go! $39.99

JBJ 28 Gallon Nano Cube LED Aquarium - 27 Watt Intermediate
JBJ's new "Intermediate" LED illumination system is designed to accommodate mid- to low-light corals. The LED lighting delivers the power of halides and the broad coverage of T5 lighting wit
h over 10x the lifespan. It requires less energy consumption, runs cool and creates a beautiful shimmering effect while remaining eco-friendly. Includes 3-stage filtration system, Ocean Pulse Duo wavemaker and integrated canopy cooling system. $499.99 w/ free shipping

D-D Giesemann Powerchrome 60 Inch 80W Aquapink T5HO Fluorescent Bulb
The Aqua Pink T5 tube is specially designed for marine aquarium use. It brings out the blue, violet and red colors in your SPS coral and enhances their growth. The light also makes
colorful reef fish look even more brilliant. D-D recommends that these tubes be used with other Powerchrome T5 bulbs designed for marine aquaria. Hard coral coloration is greatly intensified with this bulb, especially pinks, purples and reds. T5 bulbs should be replaced every 9-18 months, depending on usage. $25.99 each

Hamilton 4 Inch Fan
Keep your aquarium cooler by incorporating inexpensive fans from Hamilton. These quiet 4" fans are a mere 1" thick and can be easily mounted to your light system. Specs: 115VAC, 50/60Hz a
nd 0.10/0.09A. $19.99 each