Sunday, April 03, 2011

Product Review: Algae Free Piranha Float Magnet Cleaner

The Algae Free Piranha Float Magnet Cleaner
Marine Depot Item Code: AF1111

Product Specifications:

  • Golden Oak stain and glossy finish
  • Floating black wet side
  • 2 inches wide by 4 inches long
  • Approximately 1 inch thick for dry and wet side
  • Manufacturer suggests 1/4" and 3/8" for glass; 3/16" and 1/4" for acrylic
  • Rated for aquariums 30-120 gallons

Beautifully engraved Golden Oak stain and glossy finish dry side.
Packaging label lists the product for up to 3/8" glass thickness, however the rare earth magnets are extremely strong where it works perfectly on 1/2" thick glass.
Packaging contents include the Golden Oak dry and black wet side, extra dry side blue felt, extra wet side velcro, white acrylic pad, and product instructions.
4 inches long for the dry and wet side
2 inches wide for the dry and wet side
Approximately 1 inch thick dry side
Exactly 1 inch thick wet side
Blue felt on dry side for glass and acrylic aquariums
Velcro wet side for glass aquariums. The white acrylic pad easily attaches to the wet side making this magnet an excellent choice for aquarists with both glass and acrylic aquariums.

Algae Free Piranha Float Magnet Cleaner works on 1/2" thick glass.
Before picture
After. Please note the spots are on the glass side panels that have not been cleaned yet.
Red border: Required a minimum of two swipes to remove film off the glass. Center area only took one swipe. The reason the edges required more swipes is because of the way the inside velcro pad is lined up. When you move the Piranha in a straight line or along the edges, algae is missed in between the scrubber. When you swipe in the center, your swiping at an angle which closes any gaps.

The Algae Free "Piranha Float" is an excellent and stylish magnet cleaner. The rare earth magnets are extremely strong, even when used on 1/2" thick glass. There is a good amount of resistance when pushing the magnet cleaner across the surface. The wet side is a black plastic block that floats when detached, and is easily concealed against black backgrounds. The Piranha float is priced competitively among other top rated magnet cleaners.

There are four sizes available on
  • Piranha: 30-120 gallons (AF1111)
  • Hammerhead: 75-250 gallons (AF1113)
  • Tiger Shark: 200-350 gallons (AF1115)
  • Great White: 300-600 gallons (AF1117)
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