Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Hagen Fluval E-Series Aquarium Heater

My heater was giving me inconsistent performance so I had to declare my old heater dead. ("Dun, dun, dun... Another one bites the dust...") I had used the heater for roughly three years, so it served me well. Goodbye old friend, there's just no room for error here.

After a short memorial, the search for a new heater started. I wanted something reliable and virtually trouble free. A heater is something you should not take for granted. You may be tempted to cut corners here, but this is something I would strongly caution against. Heaters are important for two reasons: they heat aquarium water to the proper temperature needed and they also keep the temperature STABLE. Stability (of temperature or any parameter) is very essential to any aquarium. Don't choose a heater lightly...

Couldn't wait to get home to take pictures
I decided on The Fluval E300. I had the opportunity to view the heater a few months back, and I was really impressed. The Fluval E-Series heaters are glass heaters encased in a plastic protective guard. The Fluval E-Series employs VueTECH technology, an advanced microprocessor with dual temperature sensors which continually monitor and display the aquarium water temperature. The heater comes calibrated from the factory so no adjustment is needed, and the thermal sensing technology is as precise as an external temperature probe! The heater is also very reliable as there are no moving parts to wear out.

Out of the Box
The digital LCD display changes color to indicate current temperature conditions. The display will read green when temperature is within -2/+2 °F of the set temperature, it will display red if temperature exceeds +2 °F, and it will display blue when water temperature is lower than 2 °F. There is no guessing when changing the temperature set point. The “Easy Set Temperature Lever” allows you to easily set the temperature with a flip of the lever. Hagen took the convenience of a temperature controller, and put it directly into the heater.

Digital LCD Display
Mounting the heater is simple. There are three (count them, THREE) suction cups included with the heater. They attach securely to the plastic housing of the heater, so they are nice and secure. The heater even includes a side-mounting bracket that attaches to the back of the unit and allows for install on side panels in aquariums when mounting to the back wall is not possible.

Mounting Options
Side Mounting Bracket
Hagen offers a five year manufacturer’s warranty against defects of workmanship under normal usage. The price for the Hagen Fluval E300 is affordable and offers many bells and whistles for a heater in that price range. Check out the Hagen Fluval E-Series Electronic Aquarium Heaters at! Until next time...