Sunday, May 01, 2011

Quick Tips: Foam Overflow Box Cover

Cover your overflow box to protect your fish and invertebrates from entering your overflow, while preventing algae growth by blocking aquarium lighting.

Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Rena Filstar xP 20 ppi Filtration Foam (Item Code:AP7331) is perfect for this application. The black foam squares are approximately 6" x 6", and they blend in well with the overflow box for a very clean look.
Item Code: AP7331. Two 6 inch black foam squares are included.
Cut to size with scissors. Leave about a 1/4" or a little more around the edge for a snug fit. The foam is just above the water line. Do not submerge the foam as it is not intended to block or restrict water flow.
The edges are concealed when placed side-by-side. Installed a overflow box with a 1.5" drain and dual 3/4" returns.