Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Forum: Redesign and Alternative Logins

The MarineDepot.com Forum recently underwent a much-needed facelift. Our site message board is now easier on the eyes and includes widgets on the right side so you can easily spot and cycle through the latest posts, see who's been online recently, quickly peruse popular topics and participate in the latest poll.

What we're most excited about is new board members can login using their Google, Yahoo!, AOL or OpenID accounts.

We've been surveying MarineDepot.com shoppers for the past year and 57% of respondents report they are a member of an aquarium-related message board. Our board differs a bit from other hobby boards because it is moderated by our team of aquarium experts.

Since more than half the people reading this blog post are a member of another board, we thought by making it easier to join ours, you may be more apt to drop by, ask a question or join a discussion.

See you on the MarineDepot.com Forum!