Thursday, April 05, 2012 April Giveaway!

Good news! We've teamed up with AquaMaxx for an awesome April giveaway!

There is no purchase necessary to enter for a chance to win a prize. All you have to do is sign up for our weekly email newsletter, chock full of great deals, new products and helpful tips on aquariums and reefkeeping before May 1, 2012 (here's a sample). If you're already a subscriber... awesome (and thank you)! You may still enter the giveaway by signing up again. We de-dupe our email list before each send, so you'll never receive duplicate newsletters in your inbox.

Without further adieu, here are the prizes:

AquaMaxx HOB-1 Hang-On-Back Protein Skimmer
The AquaMaxx Hang on Back Series I (HOB-1) protein skimmer features an incredibly responsive collection cup and an amazingly powerful submersible pump. It is rated up to 75 gallons in a design thin and light enough to be placed on a nano or other small saltwater aquarium.

AquaMaxx BioMaxx BioPellet Reactor w/ 8 oz. AquaMaxx BioMaxx Plus BioPellets
Controlling nutrients inside our aquariums is one of the keys to preventing nuisance algae growth. The AquaMaxx BioMaxx BioPellet Reactor is a finely-tuned fluidized filter designed to help hobbyists remove nitrates and phosphates from reef aquarium systems.

AquaMaxx Carbon One Activated Carbon and AquaMaxx Phosphate Out Granular Ferrous Oxide Filter Media (64 oz. sizes)
AquaMaxx Carbon One reduces and eliminates organic pollutants, odors and discolorations from your aquarium water. Clearer tank water allows for better light penetration into your aquarium. AquaMaxx Phosphate Out is a granular ferric oxide adsorptive filter media that removes phosphate from aquarium water. Phosphate is a fuel for algae growth and can also inhibit a coral’s ability to utilize calcium in water.

There are a few rules, of course. The main ones are that you have to be U.S. resident 18 or older. You can read all the fine print here. Good luck in the giveaway, folks!