Friday, August 17, 2012

Radion TIR Lens Kits increase peak output up to 45%

Since their unveiling at Interzoo, you have been asking how you can get your hands on a TIR Lens upgrade for your Radion.  We are pleased to announce that the TIR lens upgrade kits are now available for pre-order!

What is TIR?
TIR stands for Total Internal Reflection. By redirecting more of each LED cluster’s output in a usable direction (in your tank), TIR lenses are able to boost peak PAR levels by up to 45% and total (average) PAR levels by up to 23% beneath the fixture without sacrificing spread or consuming additional power.

Put Your PAR Where Your Tank Is 

On the Left is a Radion using the current lens and reflector On the Right is a Radion using the the new TIR lens kit. Readings where taken over a 30x30 inch area at 12 inches from the light.

As Promised
While many make claims, EcoTech delivers. The TIR lens incorporates EcoTech’s ongoing commitment to innovation and improvement for the benefit of its customers. A modular upgrade for a truly modular fixture makes the Radion an ever brighter solution for aquarium lighting.

How Do I get Them? 
TIR Lens kits (2x TIR lenses 2x wire ties) are available for pre-order now at for $30.