Thursday, December 19, 2013

JaxReef's 2013 Holiday Reef Conference

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The 2013 JaxReef Holiday Reef Conference was a huge success!

There were over 30 vendors with booths displaying products and corals. There were also local stores showing off their corals and dry goods, in addition to out-of-state companies like Continuum Aquatics and Jason Fox.

Guest speakers Tony Vargas and Albert J. Thiel each gave a great speech about the aquarium hobby and the informative books they wrote.

The conference ended with a big raffle. Prizes ranged from LED light fixtures and RO/DI units to LED light strips, T5 bulbs, supplements, food, filters and media, corals and more.

It was a great conference overall. Both attendees and vendors left happy and with their pockets full of money or corals. As one of the best reef conferences in the area this year, the JaxReef Reef Conference promises to be even bigger and better in 2014.