Friday, December 11, 2015

All I want for Fishmas #3: Robert's Top 5 Favorite Stocking Stuffers for Reef Aquarium Hobbyists

Today we are back with the third episode of our All I Want for Fishmas video series. For those of you who subscribe to our newsletter, you probably already know we just released our Stocking Stuffers where you can save up to 35% on 25 items that make great stocking stuffer gifts for the aquarium enthusiast in your family.

I chose my personal top 5 favorite items from our stocking stuffer list to highlight today so keep reading to learn more about some of the awesome little gifts that will make any aquarium hobbyist jump with holiday cheer.

First up, we have the Red Sea Refractometer which is 15% off until the new year. This is my favorite refractometer because it is calibrated to natural seawater which means it will give you accurate salinity readings for the water in your reef tank. It come with a nice plastic storage case and has a nice high resolution display which makes it easy to see your measurements.

A frozen fish food strainer is next on my list because these handy little device takes the mess and hassle out of feeding frozen food. Not only does it provide you with a handy container to defrost and mix your frozen foods but the strainer makes it really easy to rinse your food with RO/DI water as well. This will help keep unnecessary waste out of your aquarium and for just under $13 during our sale, this little container is great for any level and type of hobbyist.

Next up is the Aqua Medic Water Testing Kit that is starting to become very popular with our customers. This test kit gives hobbyists the ability to have their water tested by a laboratory at an affordable price. The kit includes a couple of sample bottles along with a prepaid mailing box. Just fill the sample bottles with your aquarium water, package them up and drop them at your local post office. Once Aqua Medic receives the samples, they will test for 13 important reef aquarium water parameters and provide your results online within a matter of hours. The accurate and detailed results include history, graphs, tables and recommendations to help get your parameters back to optimal levels.

I couldn’t pass up the next item because it is one of the most versatile tools a hobbyist can have for their tank. The Cobalt Aquatics MJ series pumps are 15% off all month long and have all kinds of great uses when it comes to aquariums. They are reliable and are ideal for wavemakers, protein skimmers, calcium reactors, and nano aquariums. We’ve even made a video dedicated to what you can do with these great little pumps: check out the video description below for a link.

Last on our list is a brand new product from ReefBrite which I am super excited to show you guys. The new ReefBrite UVA LED strip consists of 395 nm true UV spectrum LEDs which will literally make your corals glow with color and pop like never before. It is the first and only LED currently available that offers a true UV spectrum of light. They are intended to be used as moonlights or supplemental lights and you will surely be impressed to see how amazing your corals look under these LEDs. They come in two sizes, an 8 inch model and a smaller 3” model. You can pick them up for 10% off the MSRP all through the month of December.

Be sure to check the full list of 25 Stocking Stuffers on our website and while you’re at it, take a look at the Marine Depot Holiday gift guide to see all the amazing holiday deals and discounts. Please like, share, and subscribe to help us continue to bring you more videos just like this and until next time, take care and happy reefkeeping.

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