Friday, January 08, 2016

2016 New Year's Resolutions for Reef Keepers

For many of us, the new year brings an opportunity to reflect and set new goals for ourselves! New Year’s resolutions are about making changes in your life for the better. Since our aquariums are such an important part of our lives, we came up with a list of resolutions for your tank!

We all know that the saltwater aquarium hobby can be expensive. Sometimes it can be scary to look back and see how much you have spent on equipment and additives for your tank. On top of this, the cost of electricity can make things even more expensive. Therefore, our first resolution is Save Money.

One of the best ways to help cut back on aquarium costs is invest in energy saving equipment such as LED lighting and DC water pumps. Less energy means you save money each month and help the environment at the same time!

Look at all the additives under your tank and more often than not you will probably find some redundancy and can get rid of those mystery additives. Better yet, invest in a calcium reactor to automate the supplementation of major elements and save money in the long run. You can also set-up a media reactor to help get the most out of your filter media. Investing in an RO/DI filter will allow you to quickly and easily get fresh RO/DI water for your tank and save you the time and money used visiting and buying water from your local fish store.

Resolution #2 is to Become an Eco-Friendly Hobbyist and reduce the impact our hobby has on our earth’s natural environment. Purchasing animals and corals that are sustainably collected and grown is one of the best practices you can adopt as a hobbyist to help save the planet and keep our reefs thriving and healthy. You can also utilize eco-friendly or even man-made rock in your tank to reduce the impact on natural reefs.

If you own an RO/DI system, figure out a clever way to utilize the waste water. Water your garden or lawn is probably the easiest solution but you can also wash your car, do a load of laundry or give your dog a bath with water from your RO/DI system that would otherwise go to waste.

Make New Friends is next on our list and you don't have to fly solo in this hobby—even Han Solo had Chewie! If you are not already involved, consider joining an aquarium club or online forum to meet other hobbyists. Making friends in this hobby opens up the door to some great benefits including and endless resource for learning more about aquariums, friendly help during a tank emergency, and the opportunity to trade or sell frags and equipment! I could share stories about my aquariums and talk tank for hours; sharing some time with like-minded people who have the same passion as you can be quite rewarding.

Staying fit and Eating Right is probably one of the most common New Year’s resolutions; so why not do the same for your fish? Providing proper nutrition for your aquarium animals will honestly work miracles for the overall health and appearance of your tank. The same diet of pellets or flake food day in and day out is not only boring, but can cause some serious health issues for the animals in your tank. Instead, offer up a variety of different foods including fresh and frozen foods on top of the daily staple diet of flakes or pellets. Research the natural diets of the animals in your tank in order to provide food much like what these animals would find in the wild; for example give your Tangs some Seaweed! MD also carries a variety of vitamins and food soaks that will ensure a complete balanced diet for your fish and help to build strong immune systems.

Last on our list of Aquarium Resolutions for 2016 is to Get with the 21st Century. Automation for your tank can be a great way to relieve the daily stress of maintaining an aquarium and thanks to modern technology automating and controlling your aquarium equipment is now easier than ever. Aquarium Controllers, such as the Neptune Systems Apex, have some amazing capabilities and will allow you to not only control your tank but also monitor the aquarium when you’re not home. Another great benefit of using a controller is organization. Having all your equipment plugged in and connected to a central hub makes it much easier to organize and clean up the endless lengths of power cords under your tank.

Until next time, take care and happy reefkeeping.

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